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The things you own end up owning you

Exactly. Think about it… back in 1999 when Fight Club was made, it was just the beginning of slavery to computers – now? People are fucking addicted to their cell phone, computer and other bullshit. I know people that spend more than 10 hours a day on Facebook! That’s fucking sick. But that’s another thing… in this quote, Jack’s telling Tyler that he lost everything when his condo blew up – Tyler answers him in a nonchalant/sarcastic way – “Shit, and now it’s all gone.”

People are addicted to things they own – the more things you have, the more trapped you are. Somehow we trap ourselves with material bullshit; we buy a bunch of stuff we don’t need. Why? Is it possible that we are all emotionally unstable? Do we really have to BUY things to feel good about ourselves – or did society make us think we need all that shit? Probably both. Either way – it’s pathetic.  Do we really NEED to buy something to be happy? Just think about it how stupid that is. OK – some things are normal, but most people are obsessed and try to gain happiness from the outside – happiness comes from inside, not the outside. But most people don’t understand that.

Here’s a little exercise for you – Live 10 days without watching TV and without using your computer. I know, you will start making up excuses “I have to work”,”I’m waiting for an important email”,”bla bla bla”. Whatever. You are an idiot if you can’t live 10 days without a computer and TV. Do you understand what it means if you’re unable to do this “freedom exercise”? It means that you are a slave… that you have no real life.

Believe me – these 10 days will be the most beautiful 10 days you’ve had this year. The first 2-3 days will be hard for most people, but after that, you call a friend of the opposite sex – have some fun, go out, party. You call an old friend; you read a book, you go out for a walk and do something normal. Suddenly everything becomes more clear – your senses get stronger, you can see, hear and smell better. You can feel the world around you and you feel alive and free. That is how you will feel if you give up something that controls you, something that you “need” every day.

Now that the economic crisis hit the world – you can actually see how many people are slaves to what they own. Hundreds of thousands lost their jobs, tens of thousands went crazy. Many died from heart attacks, even more of them got divorced. Hundreds of people went insane and are currently in mental institutions… much committed suicide.  Think about it for a second – these people are all idiots. I understand, they’ve lost their jobs, homes, and money, but why give up and kill yourself? Yes, you bought a bunch of stuff on credit, yes you were stupid. But why kill yourself because you won’t have money? Half of the world is STARVING, and these idiots kill themselves because they won’t have any more money to spend on bullshit they don’t need… pathetic.

Don’t let anything shake your confidence in life. Don’t be a fucking slave. Wake up and truly live your life. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you think… speak up and fight, say what you think. Honesty will free us all.

Fight Club is full of awesome quotes. Keep on reading, and wake up,

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