Fight Clud Quotes

We are consumers

Very, very true. That’s our life, “we work jobs we hate so we can buy crap that we don’t need.” Another great fight club quote. Why do we need to buy something to feel happy? Because we feel incomplete, or because society told us we need this or that piece of crap. I’m not saying things are crap – but our need to buy things in order to feel good is stupid.

What advertising does is make you feel like shit just because you don’t have what they’re selling – so you buy it. They just brainwash you. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy anything; it just means you should not buy things just because they told you so. Buy thing that you really need and love, think before you spend your money on bullshit.

So many people are in debt and can’t get out of it – why? Because they were stupid enough to spend money they don’t have. In Fight Club… Jack is obsessed with his “stuff,” his belongings start owning him, taking his freedom and making him buy more bullshit. Buying things won’t save you, it won’t solve your problems in life. You have to look inside and understand that you can have a great life, that you can enjoy every single day. You just have to make a choice.

Each and every one of us has 24 hours every day; it’s upon you what you will do with it. You can work as a rat from nine to five, work a job you hate or pretend you like it. Life can be so much better, if only you set yourself free and deleted all those limiting beliefs you have.

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