Fight Clud Quotes

We are a generation of men raised by women, I wonder if another woman is what we need

Men need to get their balls back. Seriously. Wake the fuck up. Our fathers are working their ass off somewhere, making money so our mothers can spend it on crap witch we don’t really need. Then, our wives do the same shit to us. Why? Is it because of love, or is it just that we are so desperate and in need of sex, incapable of attracting the opposite sex, and making them love us for who we are. Grow up. Men created this world, we built the roads, the trains and basically everything else. Yes, you can call me a chauvinistic pig – and I won’t tell you that you are wrong. Since that’s what I am. If you have a problem with that, fuck off and leave my website. Fight Club doesn’t want you.

If you are a guy, and you’re offended with the words “fuck” and alike, then you are a fucking douchebag, and you need to hang yourself since you’re not a real man, you’re a pussified chimp that needs a real macho father to teach you a lesson.

Women WANT you to lead; they WANT you to be in charge, command, lead and make decisions. No, she doesn’t want a little monkey that will watch Sex and The City 2 with her or whatever the fuck they are watching and cry with her during the movie. No, she doesn’t want some monkey that will run after her, beg for sex and pay her expensive dinners. They want a real man, a confident guy that knows what he wants and where he’s going in life. A guy that doesn’t NEED her, a guy with a life. Not a guy that will get on his knees and beg for sex like a fucking dog. So wake up and stop being a chimp.

No, this is not a rant against women. I love women, real, feminine, submissive women that know their place. All you feminazis can go fuck yourselves. On the other hand, the guys that act like chimps are the one’s I can’t stand. You are disgusting, and you’re destroying the human race. We need to go back to old school.

Quotes from Fight Club and the movie itself is something that can empower you a bit and give you a new perspective on things. The media is brainwashing you every day to become a bigger consumer and spend your money on shit which you don’t need at all. They are doing this by hitting your emotions, your nerves, and this way they make a fucking chimp out of you – wake up, view things as they are, not as they are served to you on a silver plate. You have to be more critical. Think before you leap, if you can see clearly, like Neo from The Matrix, the possibilities are endless.

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