Our time is limited, we forget that

Our time is limited, we forget that. – anamolisa

Again this quote is similar to the fight club quote:

This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time

I think we human should always remember that our time is limited. It’s really helpful to take the important decision in life. Sometimes because of thinking really ahead of time, we make our life miserable.  You should always consciously think about that today or tomorrow can be my last day, I may DIE. We should never go to autopilot, which in life we go a lot.  We should live in the present moment, not in future or in past, but in present moment.

I remember one movement in my life when I went on a date with a girl who was really attractive and intelligent. Since she was so perfect, during the date I was wondering how my life would be if she becomes my wife and because of this I was not in the present movement and was not paying attention what was going around me and what impression I was giving to the girl. Girls know when you are with them and when your physical body is with them and your mind somewhere else.

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