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This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time

Tick-tack, tick-tack – yep, it’s closer, and closer, every minute. You never know when you’re going to die. Maybe it’s in 10 years, maybe 50 – or, maybe, even tomorrow. You don’t know that. You can’t know it. So forget about doing everything “later”. “Later” often never happens. Maybe you don’t get a chance to do it tomorrow. But now? YES. Now – you are alive. Breathing. Alive. And be thankful for it. Stop being a cunt and start acting, now, not later. Do what YOU want to do with your life – not what others think you should do. You don’t want to wake up at the age of 60 thinking “If I did this that then bla bla bla – could-a, should-a, would-a” – you DIDN’T do it. Period. You were a cunt and you had no balls to confront your fears.

You were searching for security in a world where there is no security. The biggest insecurity is searching for security. You end up doing nothing in life. You wake up, go to school, go to work, get married, make children, pay for college – then you die. Big deal. What a life. It’s better if you just shoot yourself now if you’re too much of a pussy to think big and make something REAL with yourself. We all have the potential, we just don’t have to courage. Imagine if every day of your life was your last day – how would you do things differently? That’s what steve jobs said.

Would you give a fuck about crap? Would you treat your friends and family differently? Would you have less fear? Yes, you would. You’d have nothing to lose. The problem is that most of us just make a too big deal out of irrelevant crap. You give power to crap, you let it control you – you let your fears control you, instead of DESTROYING them. Every day. Fighting and conquering. That’s what we were designed to do. Hunt, conquer, win. Not watch commercials on TV and jerk off to porn all day. We are made to eat and fuck. That’s what we are designed for. But instead, we are becoming robots, fighting for jobs we hate to eat food made on chemical farms, and then letting some other guys be with the hottest girls because “we’re just not worth it, she’s too good” – what the fuck? Don’t be a loser. Do something with your life. Create, conquer, win. Have the balls to do and say whatever the fuck you want to.

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