Fight Clud Quotes

Only after disaster can we be resurrected

The meaning of this quote is in some way similar to “only after you lose everything, you are free to become anything”  – most of the quotes from Fight Club have a similar message – but yet again, each of them is unique in some way, telling you philosophy.
All of us have our own problems – but some people never actually felt true pain, some didn’t realize how life can be hard – some of them never had a “near death experience” – as Tyler Durden says. I’ve almost died – you have probably almost died yourself, but you aren’t aware of it – or you are. Imagine a car nearly hits you – it misses you by less an inch – suddenly adrenaline starts pumping through your blood, you feel the heat and the speed going through your entire body – and then…  you realize that just a moment ago you could have died – no more sunshine, no more – nothing. I don’t believe there is a life after this – why the hell would you live your entire life without taking risks, without trying and fighting for your success? Everything you have in your life – you have now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow – but now.

Would you live your life differently if you knew you’re going to die tomorrow?

… of course, you would. You would have no fear – you could say anything you want… you would be free. And that’s why this quote among many others from Fight Club is very important for you – to get you to wake up – to understand that you have one life, one chance to succeed and live to the fullest… and you will never understand that until someone close to you dies – suddenly. I hope that will never happen to you.

… but it will. And once it does, everything will be different – at least for a while. After a while, most people go back to their regular, boring life – full of shit – doing stuff they hate just to survive and spend their time on things they hate. Don’t be one of them.

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