Fight Clud Quotes

Losing all hope was freedom

The more freedom you have in life, the happier will you be. I strongly believe that in order to reach the top in life – you need to hit rock bottom first. You just have to be down there if you want to get the willpower and motivation to climb to the top of “Mountain Success”. All of us feel like shit from time to time, all of us feel when life get’s tough and hard, and sometimes we feel like “it can’t get worse than this” (and then it starts raining J ), but seriously – do we know what the bottom looks like? There is always someone living a harder life than you are… so stop whining. I hate people that complain all the time. Especially men that are complaining… they’re pathetic.

One day, if you really hit rock bottom – you will start losing hope. You will try to fix your life, but somehow, nothing will work – and then it might happen that you lose all hope – as many people do. At that moment you will stop giving a damn about what other people think of you, and in general, you won’t give a fuck about bullshit, or anything else. You just won’t give a fuck. This is both good and bad. Bad – because you gave up, and good, because you will be free from social conditioning, you will be free to do anything, ‘cause you have nothing to lose – it can’t get worse than it already is. (or so you think).

This is a great feeling, I’ve been there a few times, and it really made me free, I felt like I could do anything… I just didn’t care what anyone thought of me; I didn’t stress myself over stupid things most people do. This is one of my favorite Fight Club quotes… If you start from the bottom you will be 10 times more motivated to get to the top, then someone else that started from the middle and is already more or less comfortable in his life…,

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