Fight Clud Quotes

It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything

Now isn’t this true… Maybe yes, maybe not. But think about it for a second. How are people controlled on this planet? By fear. Fear from this, fear from that, fear from whatever. Fear, fear and more f*#king fear. Now that is really stupid. People are afraid to REALLY be alive, to do what they really want to do, to live the life they really want to live. Why? Because they think too much about what other people think of them. They are not free. People that give a damn about other people’s opinion CANNOT BE FREE to do anything and to enjoy themselves.

Why are we so concerned with what other people think? Is it the fear that we will lose status if we do something that is not “normal”? WTF is normal anyway? Who decides what is and what isn’t normal? You have to take the red pill in life and know the truth. Most people are too stupid to realize that they can actually be happy in life. Whatever.

It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything. – yes. Imagine you don’t have anything in life. Nobody, nothing. Nothing to lose. Only then are you completely free, because you don’t care, you just do it, you live it, you are alive. And that is what we need to do, awaken, open our eyes to the truth…

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