Fight Clud Quotes

After fighting everything else in your life has the volume turned down.You could deal with anything.

This quote is so true – If you’ve never been in a real fight – then you don’t know what this quote means. A few weeks ago I was fighting with my friend – no limits fighting – just like in Fight Club – we beat each other up until one of us says stop! – and it’s an incredible feeling. Yes, it hurts, but the pain is good. When someone hits you – you feel the pain, but at the same time you feel strength – because you know you’re alive – and what does not kill you, makes you stronger.

After fighting you really feel incredible – somehow you just get turned off – in a good way. You stop worrying, you start living in the moment, you somehow feel more powerful – just as Tyler said – you feel like you can deal with anything. That’s exactly how I feel after fighting and getting punched in the face a few times. So many people are afraid of what other people think – or they just try to avoid conflict at all costs, that they’re ready to do anything just to avoid a fight. But that’s crap because then other people might try to take advantage of you and make a fool out of you – why let that happen? You just need to get into a few real fights and get some experience – after that, you’ll be 10 times more confident and relaxed.

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