Fight Clud Quotes

A woman could cut off your penis and toss if out of the window of a moving car

Hahaha. This is a great fight club quote.  Women… we could talk about them for ages, but we won’t. Let me tell you something, from a more than enough women in my life – you can never really trust them. Here’s an old school joke about guys and girls.

A woman comes home in the morning; the man asks her “where were you?”, She replies “Oh, I got a bit drunk, so I could not drive, I slept at my friend’s place”… The guy calls all her girlfriends and asks them “did she sleep at your place?”, all of them answer “no she didn’t.”

A man comes home in the morning; the woman asks him “where were you?”, He replies “I got drunk after the party, so I couldn’t drive, I slept at my friend’s place”… The woman calls 10 of his friends and asks “did he sleep at your place?”. 8 of them answer – “yes he did” and two of them say “Yes, he did and he’s still here, he’s taking a shower.”

🙂 That’s how guys help each other out. Anyway, you never know if she will cut off your penis – so be careful who you sleep with, there are many crazy women out there…

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